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FMC® Food Managers Certification has been accredited by ANAB for ANAB-CFP program providing Certified Food Protection Manager examinations.  

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EduClasses® Team

Certification for Anyone, Anytime.

FMC® Food Managers Certification offers an easy and elegant way to obtain your ANAB-CFP nationally accredited and approved CFPM Certified Food Protection Manager certificate at minimal cost and effort to the Food Manager candidate. We are a nationally accredited company and work closely with state and local departments.

Proctored CFPM Exam and Food Manager Training

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The training you need without the hassle

Simple and Secure

Simple and Secure

FMC® Food Managers Certification offers an easy and elegant way to obtain your nationally approved certified food manager training certificate at minimal cost and effort to you.

The FMC® Exams are proctored by Prometric®, ProProctor & EduProctor™
Training Evolved

Training Evolved

Gone are the days of attending physical classes to become certified. Our online Food Manager training program can be completed in a shorter time, and at your own pace!
ANAB-CFP Accredited

ANAB-CFP AccreditedANAB-CFP Accredited

EduClasses® FMC® CFPM program is recognized nationwide and is ANAB-CFP accredited and approved. That means you can be sure our CFPM examination is of the highest quality.

"The FMC® Exams are the MOST PRACTICAL Exams in the Industry!"
- L Thomas, Tenured Food Safety

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Food Managers Certification: Learning Objectives

Protect Food

Protect Food

Protect Food includes information regarding how to:

  • Minimize biological (FAT TOM) chemical and physical contamination
  • Protect food from cross contamination
  • Properly serve high risk populations
  • Properly use Time as Public Health control
  • Use time & temperature control for safety
  • Identify common allergens
  • Protect food from cross contact (direct and indirect)
  • Respond to allergic reactions
  • Ensure appropriate thermometers are available
  • Ensure thermometers are properly sanitized, calibrated, and utilized
Purchase, Recieve and Store Food

Purchase, Recieve and Store Food

Purchase, Recieve and Store Food includes information regarding how to:

  • Purchase food from an approved source
  • Inspect food upon arrival for signs of pests, lack of temperature control, and other signs of contamination
  • Ensure food not meeting standards and regulations is rejected
  • Ensure proper storage of dry, refrigerated, and frozen food
  • Check for proper labeling and date marking
Food Personnel and Hygiene

Food Personnel and Hygiene

Food Personnel and Hygiene includes information regarding how to:

  • Ensure employees follow proper handwashing procedures
  • Ensure good employee hygiene
  • Inspect cleanliness of outer clothing
  • Ensure hair restraints are worn while handling unprotected food
  • Ensure corrective actions are taken for code violations
  • Ensure proper glove use
  • Exclude or restrict employees with infectious or communicable conditions
  • Report illness to regulatory authority
Serve and Display Food

Serve and Display Food

Serve and Display Food includes information regarding how to:

  • Monitor self service areas for potential food contamination hazards
  • Evaluate food displays for protection/safety purposes
  • Monitor service of food
  • Ensure food dispensing utensils are provided
  • Ensure proper holding temperature of hot and cold food
Following Regulations

Following Regulations

Following Regulations includes information regarding how to:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Provide consumer advisories
  • Respond to recalls
Prepare Food

Prepare Food

Prepare Food includes information regarding how to:

  • Monitor preparation of ready-to-eat (RTE) food
  • Ensure proper thawing of food
  • Par cook food properly
  • Ensure proper cooking of food
  • Ensure proper cooling of food
  • Ensure proper reheating of food
  • Follow proper procedures for bare hand contact with ready-to-eat (RTE) food
Cleaning, Sanitizing and Maintenance

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Maintenance

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Maintenance includes information regarding how to:

  • Utilize tools, utensils, and equipment for their intended purposes
  • Maintain food tools, utensils, and equipment in sound condition
  • Monitor for proper storage and labeling of chemicals
  • Ensure clean utensils are properly stored and protected (including single-use items)
  • Ensure clean-in-place procedures are followed
  • Properly use a 3-compartment sink
  • Verify mechanical warewasher is maintained and sanitizing properly
  • Utilize sanitizer chemical test kit
Maintaining Facilities

Maintaining Facilities

Maintaining Facilities includes information regarding how to:

  • Verify approved water source is used (Public or Private)
  • Respond to contamination events such as vomiting or diarrhea
  • Respond to imminent health hazards such as fire, loss of power, pest infestation, wastewater overflows and water supply interruptions
  • Identify and seek corrective action for cross connections
  • Identify and seek corrective action for backflow issues
  • Verify hood and hood filters are cleaned routinely
  • Maintain waste disposal facilities and equipment
  • Ensure proper waste disposal
  • Maintain restrooms and supplies
  • Properly clean food and non-food contact surfaces
  • Clean food contact surfaces every 4 hours when in use
  • Monitor for pests
  • Implement prevention measures for pest control
  • Ensure handwashing station is stocked designated and properly located
Food Allergens Classes

Food Allergens Classes

Learn more about Food Allergens and how to protect those with food allergens who eat at your establishment by taking Food Allergens Classes!

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity (Intolerance)
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Labeling Requirements
  • Cross-contamination vs. Cross-contact
  • Identifying Allergen Information on Food Lables
  • Ordering, Receiving, and Storing Foods for Allergen Safety
  • Cleaning to Minimize Cross-contact
  • Preparing, Cooking, and Plating Allergen Special Orders
  • Allergen Information for Guests
  • Symptoms of a Food allergy Reaction
  • And More...

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